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Spanish Schools in Lima

There’s much to consider before determining which Spanish school in Lima is the best choice for you. The type of students, teachers and learning environment you want to surround yourself with are all important things to think about in advance.

Our Spanish immersion programs in Lima are ideal for those who want frequent one-on-one instruction and smaller class sizes. Learning in small groups not only helps increase repetition and personal growth, but it also helps students make new friends much more easily than they would in a large lecture hall. Some courses at our Spanish school in Lima are limited to eight students while others are only limited to four.

Lima Spanish Class

Our Spanish school in Lima incorporates smaller class sizes for more involved learning.

We find that eight is the perfect number of students for our fundamental language courses. These courses are designed to help students become experts in reading, writing and grammar. No matter how experienced you are with the language, it’s recommended that all students begin their Spanish immersion journey in Lima with our beginner and intermediate courses to refresh themselves and get up to speed.

The next level of classes focus on speaking and conversation. These classes are limited to just four students per class which naturally results in deeper discussion and learning. What students might find most appealing about our conversation classes is that they cover a wide range of topical ground including current events and real-world issues.

To engage with the language even further, students at our Spanish school in Lima are always encouraged to get out and enjoy the city. Interacting with local, native speakers on a regular basis is a great way to become more comfortable and closer to fluency. For more information, click the green button below and we’ll provide you with more course details including dates and pricing.


Cultural Attractions

For those looking to learn more about Lima’s history and culture, we recommend stopping by one of the city’s many popular museums. Each one provides unique collections and exhibits that tell Lima’s story in great visual detail.

Some of the most popular museums in the city include the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art of Lima, the Museum of the Nation, Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Antropologia e Historia del Peru, the Museum of Italian Art, the Museum of Gold and the Sala Museo Oro del Per at Larcomar.


Outside the Spanish language school in Lima, Peru

There are also plenty of excellent markets and shops for picking up memorable souvenirs to take back home. Antiques, handmade items, textiles and art pieces are all available throughout the city.

Many visitors enjoy checking out the upscale districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, and if the opportunity arises, make sure to take part in one of Lima’s many vibrant festivals and soak in Peru’s diverse atmosphere.

Recreational Activities

Active students will find several choices throughout the city for biking, hiking and more. Cycling is quite popular in Lima and a fun way to tour the city. There are many bike tour companies that offer interesting and culturally enriching excursion opportunities.


Weekend excursion to a natural park near Lima.

Another popular spot within Lima is Exposition Park, which contains both botanical and Japanese gardens. It’s a beautiful area for taking a walk and enjoying the weather.

Some students might also want to make the climb up San Cristóbal Hill for some spectacular views that are well worth the trek. In Lima, there are tons of excellent nearby hiking trails – Palakala Falls, Huacachina Oasis, Chosica and more are all easily reachable from the city.

Getting There

Lima is easily accessible through the Jorge Chávez International Airport. When traveling within Peru or a nearby country, you will be able to reach Lima by domestic flights, buses and trains.