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Spanish Schools in Mendoza

Students who enroll in our Spanish school in Mendoza are treated to intimate classroom settings, thorough courses that are both fun and educational, and a teaching staff who are truly passionate about the Spanish language and the cultural traditions that go along with it.

Your Spanish immersion experience in Mendoza will begin with standard language courses that are offered as a combination of small group courses and elective classes. The courses are fully comprehensive and have no more than eight students per class. Each student receives more than enough attention and one-on-one instruction to help them fully understand the fundamental elements of the Spanish language.

Mendoza Spanish Class

Our teachers make sure each student receives sufficient individual instruction.

The next level of Spanish language courses in Mendoza focus more on speaking and natural conversation. Besides polishing your reading and writing skills, you’ll have the chance to practice the language verbally through group discussion. With just four people in each discussion group, these courses give students frequent reps so they can feel more comfortable when they apply the language out in the city.

We also like to give students as many real-world opportunities as possible to practice Spanish outside of our school in the city of Mendoza. There are tons of interesting situations and conversations that students will find themselves in while out on the town with locals. Many of which are experiences that simply can’t be taught or simulated in a classroom environment. Click the green button below to learn more about our Spanish school in Mendoza and the different types of classes that are offered.


Cultural Attractions

As the wine center of Argentina, those who want to tour the vineyards and get a taste of the region will be thrilled with the variety of opportunities to do so in Mendoza.

And if you’re a history buff, be sure to visit one of the city’s museums. A few to note are the Mendoza Museum of Modern Art, Casa de Fader, Museo Nacional de Vino, Museo Cornelio Moyano, and the Museo del Area Fundacional. The city itself is a historical treasure. In 2008, National Geographic Traveler ranked Mendoza as one of the top ten historical destinations in the world.


Outside the Spanish school in Mendoza, Argentina

One way to experience Mendoza’s culture and rich history firsthand is by attending one of the city’s festivals. From the National Grape Harvest Festival to various wine and tango festivals, there are several fun ways to take part in local celebrations. With so much to do and see, make sure to save some energy to immerse yourself in Mendoza’s nightlife, too. Restaurants, theaters, and nightclubs allow students to see another exciting side of the city.

Outdoor Activities

Thrill-seeking travelers will find a great variety of activities in Mendoza to satisfy their adventurous cravings. From skiing and hiking to horseback riding and cycling, the city and nearby attractions offer plenty of things to do, particularly in the neighboring Andes region. There are several tourist companies in the area that offer give guided half day, full day, and overnight hiking or climbing expeditions for outdoor enthusiasts.


Explore the Andes mountains near Mendoza, Argentina.

You can also find excellent bicycling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and paragliding excursion opportunities in Mendoza. But for those interested in activities that are a little less physical, there are many relaxing parks within the city. A local favorite is General San Martín Park – a great spot for biking, walking or just laying low.

Getting There

The easiest and cheapest method for getting to Mendoza is by bus. There are flights available into Mendoza’s small airport, but the bus is the still the most cost effective option when flying into Buenos Aires, Santiago or one of the main South American international airports.