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Spanish Schools in Peru

Our Spanish immersion programs in Peru specialize in providing smaller class sizes for more intimate discussion and learning opportunities. With no more than eight students to a class, our courses create an environment that’s friendly and conversational. Students are encouraged to get to know one another both inside the classroom and out through immersive coursework and fun activities.

Your Spanish immersion experience in Peru will begin with a set of programs that cover reading, writing and basic grammar. We don’t expect you to know everything. The curriculum is designed to guide students through each step as they progress further into the program. Many students will start out as a beginner, but once their time in Peru comes to an end, they’ll walk away as fluent Spanish speakers.

Peru Spanish Class

Our schools offer top-notch instruction for both beginner and advanced students.

Once the fundamental language basics are established, students can then enroll in our discussion courses which have a maximum group size of just four students. This means you’ll have the opportunity to engage in evocative conversations with new friends and classmates on a regular basis. And compared to other Spanish language schools with larger class sizes, you’ll get more than enough verbal practice and repetition.

For more practical experiences, our Spanish immersion programs in Peru go above and beyond to give students valuable learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Learn more about what each city has to offer below.


lima plaza

Cosmopolitan Lima has many well-designed plazas for central meeting points.

Lima is the fascinating capital city of Peru. Each of Lima’s 43 districts represent the country’s great diversity and give visitors a glimpse into Peru’s rich culture and history. From traditional music and food to stunning artwork and architecture, Lima is a unique spot and the perfect location for immersing yourself in Peru’s Spanish culture.

Lima’s subtropical climate tends to be mild and often quite pleasant with low amounts of rainfall. The city provides travelers many opportunities for adventure and features a wide range of intriguing attractions. For those who love sampling food, exploring the city’s local cafes and restaurants is a great way to try out Peru’s traditional cuisine.

One of the most memorable destinations in Peru is the Historic Centre of Lima. Visitors will often spend days wandering around the nearby barrios, taking in everything this great city has to offer.

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Traditional cultural festival in Cusco, Peru.

Cusco is a city whose mythical atmosphere has long drawn travelers to uncover its historical mysteries. Beautifully preserved, the city boasts incredible architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Located in the Southern Sierra region, Cusco is also serves as a gateway to Machu Picchu. Resting at 11,600 feet above sea level, Cusco is full of picture-perfect views. This vibrant, colorful and friendly city treats its guests well and offers an authentic Peruvian experience like no other.

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