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Spanish Schools in Argentina

Attending a Spanish school in Argentina is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the language and culture. Our initial classes stem from the fundamentals, focusing on basic grammar and sentence structure. Each entry-level class is limited to eight people so students will receive plenty of one-on-one attention before they advance to the next portion of our program.

Once students master their grammatical and written Spanish skills, they will have the opportunity to sign up for verbal conversation courses where they will improve fluency by speaking Spanish with classmates and course instructors in an intimate setting.

Argentina Spanish School

Students mingling at one of our Argentina Spanish schools.

There are just four students in each of our oral Spanish classes in Argentina, which provides an ideal environment for frequent conversing and practice. Plus, the smaller class size allows students to delve deeper into more interesting topics that go beyond the introductory basics.

Many students find that the speaking portion is the most important component of our Argentina Spanish schools. While most Spanish schools offer some kind of verbal element in their courses, it simply doesn’t compare to our full 2-hour sessions that focus solely on speaking and communicating naturally.

Argentina Spanish Class

We find that students learn best in comfortable, intimate settings.

Of course, you didn’t travel all the way to Argentina to only speak Spanish with a few classmates. Our Spanish immersion programs in Argentina also provide plenty of opportunities for students to venture outside of the classroom where they can interact with locals and engage with the surrounding culture.

In addition, students can even choose to stay with a local host family in Argentina to supplement their learning. For some students, this option is more desirable than living with an English-speaking roommate because it forces them to continue conversing in Spanish outside the classroom. Living with a native Argentinian family will also expose you to many authentic traditions and customs that you might not otherwise experience at a Spanish school.

Our Spanish schools in Argentina give students a chance to embrace language and culture in a unique and memorable way. Students will get to learn the basics, improve speaking fluency, enjoy the environment all while making plenty of friends along the way from students and staff to friendly locals in the area.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital city of Argentina and the second largest metropolitan area in all of South America. Rich in both culture and history, Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination that hosts an abundance of entertainment, recreational, and educational opportunities.

Built alongside the Rio de la Plata, its humid climate has four distinct seasons. The warmest temperatures are in January and the coolest take place in July. Made up of 48 districts, each barrio has a distinct personality of its own.


“El Caminito” – a popular tourist destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The city as a whole is often called the Paris of South America due to its thriving theater and arts scene. Buenos Aires is also home to hundreds of bookstores, libraries and the famous Buenos Aires International Book Fair.

The eclectic architecture is influenced by European cities such as Madrid, Paris, and Barcelona. Buenos Aires is a lively city and the perfect destination for immersing yourself into the dynamic and varied South American lifestyle.

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Mendoza is located in western Argentina and is known as one of the premiere wine growing regions in South America. An extensive man-made irrigation system rewards both the city and wine growers with beautiful green landscapes.


One of Mendoza’s famous vineyards with a backdrop of the local Andes.

As an arid desert region, the weather in Mendoza is hot and moist during the summer and moderately cold and dry in the winter. The city is a central hub for those looking to relax and a great place for anyone seeking an adventure.

The compact layout of the city makes it an excellent place to meander and explore. With views of the incredible Andes and a lively culture, Mendoza is a place where many travelers plan a short visit but stay longer.

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