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Spanish Schools in Cusco

What makes our Spanish schools in Cusco so unique? Aside from our bright students and passionate teaching staff, our school boasts four immersive learning pathways that guide students to Spanish fluency more efficiently and effectively.

First and foremost, students are expected to learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Our school in Cusco offers a great selection of courses to help students better understand grammar, writing and basic sentence structure. These classes include a wide range of beginner and intermediate Spanish courses that cover things as basic as the alphabet up to more complex grammar skills that will surely come in handy during the conversational portion of our Spanish program in Cusco.

Cusco Spanish School

Outside our Spanish school in Cusco, Peru

To help students feel more comfortable with regular Spanish communication, our schools also provide classes dedicated to conversation. This portion of our immersion programs in Cusco only allow four students per class. Students will get plenty of repetition and practice as they discuss interesting topics with their classmates. The courses are designed to inspire natural group discussion that touches on important current events and other happenings in Cusco and around the world.

In addition, we like to encourage field practice, the third pathway to Spanish immersion in Cusco. When students attend one of our Spanish schools in Cusco, we don’t expect them to want to sit inside a classroom all day. With that said, we make sure to provide them with fun excursion opportunities that will let them take what they’ve learned in class out in the real world.

Our fourth learning pathway is optional but still incredibly valuable. If preferred, students can sign up for a homestay accommodation and live with a local family in the Cusco area. Living with a family of native Spanish speakers is a great to improve your own speaking skills and learn more about the culture firsthand. For more information about our Spanish schools in Cusco, click the green button below and get all the details about specific courses and pricing.


Cultural Attractions

There’s no better way to delve into the history of the Incan Empire than to visit the intriguing and mysterious Machu Picchu, one of Peru’s top travel destinations. But even if you don’t make it out to Machu Picchu, you’ll still find plenty of other jaw-dropping ruins located near our Spanish schools in Cusco.

The city itself contains an abundance of attractions. Not only is Cusco a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it contains some of the world’s best museums, markets, cafes and more – all great opportunities to dive head first into Peruvian culture.


Students taking in the Peruvian culture in Cusco

The sheer number of museums and art galleries will keep you engaged for days. Explore the Plaza de Armas, the Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo Historico Regional, the Museo del Centro de Textiles Tradicionales de Cusco, Toxicant or the Museo del Sitio del Qoricancha.

As you walk the streets of Cusco you’ll quickly realize just how much there is to take in and absorb. There’s no shortage of places to find authentic handcrafted items, diverse shopping experiences and vibrant late night fun.

Recreational Activities

Although visiting Machu Picchu and the many other nearby ruins is a great way to spend your time in Peru, the city of Cusco also offers endless recreational possibilities that are culturally significant. You can go on long nature walks, ride horses or bike the Inca Trail. Cusco’s location is ideal for scenic tours and hiking throughout the area.


Students enjoying a hike in Cusco, Peru

Be sure to check out the local guides and tour companies for additional recreational ideas.

Getting There

International flights to Peru land in Lima at Jorge Chávez International Airport. From Lima, there are flights and buses available that will take you directly to Cusco. Those traveling within the country can get to Cusco by train, bus or plane.