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Spanish Language Course Costa Rica Coronado


Although much of the culture and history of the area is found through visiting nearby San Jose, Coronado has an attraction of its own. Tourists are often drawn to the imposing and beautiful Iglesia de San Isidro. The gothic structure makes an ideal photography subject. The short trip to San Jose can provide the rest of your attractions.

The city has an a wonderful array of museums including the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold, The National Museum, and The La Salle Natural Sciences Museum in addition to several others. For art try the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, The Costa Rican Art Museum, or Museo MACIA.


The University of Costa Rica has an insect museum as well as a zoo for those with interests in the animal world. The National Theater hosts year round performances of dance, music, and theater. Since the sleepy area of Coronado won’t be your nightlife destination, San Jose is also the place to plan on having a taste of the vibrant Costa Rican scene.


Costa Rica seems to have no shortage of outdoor activities. Coronado is located near the well known Braulio Carillo Rainforest Reserve. This National Park is home to unbelievable hiking trails that wind their way through spectacular virgin rainforest. Depending on your fitness level, there are plenty of options.

There are short paths to overlooks, as well as those that go on for hours. Waterfalls, beach, flora, and fauna are just a few views you’ll glimpse in this untouched haven. If you’re not in the mood to walk, there is also an air tram that whisks you through the treetops of the rainforest.


For some recreation closer to the city, visit the Lankester Botanical Garden which resides on the outskirts of San Jose. There are many excursions around the area, so look for chances to visit the beaches, go horseback riding, or cycling.


Coronado is located about twelve kilometers away from San Jose. Flights from around the world fly into Juan Santamaria International Airport. From San Jose, Coronado is easily accessible by car, or one of the buses that run frequently.