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Spanish Schools in Chile

Selecting a Spanish school in Chile will open you to a wide range of experiences both inside the classroom and out. Our unique courses provide valuable learning opportunities for beginners, experienced speakers and everyone in between.

Students will often start out by enrolling in our introductory Spanish courses. These classes hold eight students at a time and lay the basic groundwork, covering important subjects including grammar fundamentals, reading, writing and more.

Students Exploring Chile

Students can expect to make lifelong friends at our Spanish schools in Chile.

The intimate classroom setting is even more apparent in our higher level conversation courses which are limited to just four students per class. The reason we like to keep the number of students down to a minimum is that it optimizes the learning experience in each specific Spanish class. Students will be able to work one-on-one with instructors and collaborate with classmates in small groups for more hands-on involvement.

Students are also encouraged to take this involvement one step further by practicing out in the field. For a true Spanish immersion experience, it’s important to get out and interact with the culture around you. Our Spanish schools in Chile do a great job of getting you prepared and closer to fluency, but there’s something special about engaging with locals in the area that simply can’t be replicated in the classroom.

Although optional, our Spanish schools in Chile also provide excellent homestay accommodations for any students interested in living with a native Chilean family. There’s arguably no better way to learn about traditional hospitality and family customs than to immerse yourself in the lives of a real family in Chile.

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Santiago Chile at dusk

Cosmopolitan Santiago at dusk with snow-capped Andes in the backdrop.

Santiago is the densely populated capital city of Chile. It’s filled with a variety of cultural, historical, and outdoor expeditions. Nestled in a centrally located valley, Santiago features some of the most stunning views of the Andes mountains and is only a couple hours west of the Pacific Ocean.

In the summer, the climate tends to be hot and dry while the winter months are cold and humid with most of the rainfall occurring in June and July. The city’s steady growth has created a solid economic structure that has assisted in modernizing the transportation, shopping and suburban areas.

Travelers can expect to get from one place to another with ease while exploring the one-of-a-kind activities Santiago has to offer. From guests who want outdoor recreation to those seeking the city’s main attractions—this central hub of Chile will not disappoint.

Details about Spanish courses in Santiago.

Viña del Mar

beach in Viña del Mar, Chile

The beach is only a few blocks from the Spanish immersion school in Viña del Mar, Chile.

A longtime favorite among tourists, “The Garden City” of Viña del Mar delights visitors with its gorgeous foliage and incredible stretches of white sandy beaches.

The neighboring city of Valparaiso features an incredible and historic downtown area, and the mild to warm temperatures create a Mediterranean-like atmosphere all year round. There’s no shortage of cultural, historical and recreational entertainment for travelers to take part in.

Viña del Mar is a thriving metropolis full of endless explorative opportunities and attractions. If you plan on choosing this school for your Spanish immersion experience in Chile, be sure to explore the many vibrant villages and charming coves scattered along the coastline.

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