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Spanish school and study in Oaxaca


Oaxaca will keep you busy with the region’s plentiful attractions. One of the primary destinations of tourists is nearby Monte Alban. This UNESCO World Heritage Sites is one of the most impressive ruins in Latin America. Arbol del Tule, Mitla, and Yagul are other interesting ruins to visit in the area.

For those looking to experience history within the city there are attractions such as the Ex Convento de Santo Domingo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo Regional de Oaxaca, Catedral Metropolitana, Casa de Benito Juarez, and Rufino Tamayo Museum. The wonderful shopping, dining, and festivals of Oaxaca can provide a more modern immersion into the culture.


Intricate handmade crafts, delectable chocolate, and an extensive variety of cuisine are in abundance around the city. One of the more popular markets is Mercado Benito Juárez. It is often said the Oaxaca has one of the best Dia de Los Muertos festivals around. Strolling the streets of Oaxaca will inevitably lead you to a dynamic and wonderful experience.


Arguably one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences within the city of Oaxaca is the Ethnobotanical Garden. Surrounding the former monastery of Santo Domingo, these lovely gardens are the perfect place to wander and reflect. If you want to kick your recreation up a notch, there is some great hiking, biking, and horseback riding in and around Oaxaca.

Rancho Pitaya offers scenic rides on well-tended horses, and is located ten miles east of the city. You’ll have a different perspective of the landscape from the back of your trusted steed. Whether you prefer road or mountain, there are several bike excursions offered by a number of tour companies that will satisfy your cycling craving. For avid walkers and hikers there are great choices near Oaxaca.


Head forty miles northeast and hike the United Villages. You can do it alone or with a guide. With seventy miles of trail you can experience the true culture of Oaxaca through the seven friendly villages joined together by spectacular countryside. Another sought after hiking spot is Sierra Norte. Its varied topography and large number of animal species makes it an exciting and diverse recreational experience.


International flights land in Mexico City. From there you have the option to bus or fly into Oaxaca.

There is a small domestic airport with connecting flights from Mexico City in addition to daily bus trips to the area. You are able to drive as well, but be aware of the tolls and checkpoints which many people find challenging.