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Spanish Immersion Schools Peru

Spanish Immersion in Lima, Peru

Spanish Immersion in Peru Option 1 – Lima

lima plaza

Cosmopolitan Lima also has many well-designed plazas for central meeting points.

Divided into thirty districts, Lima is the fascinating capital city and gateway to Peru. The districts reflect the diversity of Lima and offer visitors glimpses into the rich culture, music, food, history, and art of the country.

Lima’s subtropical climate tends to be cloudy, though mild and often pleasant with low amounts of rainfall. Summer occurs December to April and winter is June through October. Lima will provide travelers excellent opportunities for adventure and has many intriguing attractions.

Cuisine is a source of pride, so exploring the city’s restaurants will be a delight to those who love sampling food. One of those most important parts of Lima is the historic City Center, and guests can spend days wandering the barrios and all that the city has to offer.

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Spanish Immersion in Cusco, Peru

Spanish Immersion in Peru Option 2 – Cusco

Traditional cultural festival in Cusco, Peru.

Cusco is a city whose history and mythical atmosphere has long drawn travelers to discover its mysteries. Beautifully preserved, the city boasts incredible architecture.

Located in the Southern Sierras, the city is also considered the gateway to Machu Picchu. Cusco possesses two distinct seasons, and while the weather is generally mild it cools off significantly at night. The dry season runs April to October and the wet season November to March.

Resting at 11,600 feet above seas level, Cusco can also be an interesting experience for those unused to high altitudes. Once settled, visitors will not lack for cultural stimuli, history, or recreation. This vibrant, colorful, friendly city receives its guest well and offers them an authentic depiction of Peru.

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